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About NeoAxis

NeoAxis Aero Pvt Ltd (NeoAxis), is one-stop-shop for precision manufacturing and assembly of mechanical systems to Aerospace, Defence and Medical sectors. Our focus is on niche area of manufacturing and assembly of highly complex, most critical and high value mechanical parts and assemblies.
NeoAxis was founded and being managed by a group of dedicated professionals with a wide range of experience in manufacturing, product development and programme management. Also the management is being effectively mentored by consultants with vast expertise encompassing the entire gamut of Aerospace product life cycle.
NeoAxis achieved remarkable growth within a short span of time and established itself as a reliable partner to both global OEM and Tier I suppliers. NeoAxis values the expectations of every customer and strive to be a significant contributor towards success our customers


NeoAxis fully understands the needs of the OEMs to provide Build-to-Print manufacturing services in compliance with quality, performance and regulatory requirements of Aerospace, Defence and Medical industry. We follow the strategy of undertaking core and critical activities in-house and outsourcing activities as deemed necessary to OEM approved sources to offer most cost effective and end-to-end manufacturing solutions to our customers. We are committed to continuous upgradation of our infrastructure and development of human skills to meet Aerospace, Defence and medical industries requirements.

Build-to-Print Model

*Through OEM approved sources

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Shanmugam. M


Vinod. N


Sqn Ldr K N Ramakrishna (Retd.)

Sr. Consultant-Aerospace