Shop floor

NeoAxis has established a world class precision manufacturing and assembly facility with high end imported CNC Turning, Vertical Milling and Turn-mill machines housed in a fully airconditioned infrastructure with all other support facilities. We have already executed second phase of expansion with addition of high-end CNC machines and planned to upgrade the shop floor facilities soon. The specifications of the of CNC machines installed are tabulated below.

Cnc machining

Machining Type Quantity Control System X-Axis Travel(Max DIA) Y-Axis Travel z-Axis Travel(Max Length) Tool Stations RPM
Doosan DNM 4500 VMC 4 axis 2X Fanuc 450 1000 550 30 12000
Doosan DNM 5700 VMC 4 axis 1X Fanuc 570 1300 600 30 12000
Doosan Lynx 220 Y Series Turning Mill 1X Fanuc 354 110 554 24 6000
Doosan Lynx 220 Turning 1X Fanuc 300 - 550 12 4000


Deburring and cleaning process

Presence of burrs on machined parts can interfere with the fitting, assembly or injure handlers. Deburring and cleaning process are done before the final inspection to achieve of smoothness on edges and surfaces of machined components. The deburring process is the removal of any unwanted piece of material like rough edges, ridge and tool chatter marks produced during the manufacturing such as grinding, drilling, milling, engraving or turning.

Deburring and cleaning facility

A dedicated in-house deburring and cleaning facility has been crated and manned by skilled human resources. Various types of manual deburring tools are used during this process. Cutting fluid or lubricant are used to reduce heat and resistance between the cutter and the material and compressed air and IP fluid is used for cleaning. The deburring and chamfering tools ie manual, rotary, and deburring blades are being used as needed. The hand-held manual deburring tools with replaceable blades are commonly most deburring applications.


NeoAxis established a state-of-the art inspections facilities since inception to meet the stringent quality requirements of Aerospace, Defence and Medical sectors. The inspection facilities consist of high end CMM, Height Master and Video Measuring System and a host of other inspection tools which are housed in a fully airconditioned and dedicated room. The specifications of the of major inspection machines installed are tabulated below.

Quality Inspection Facilities

Machining Type Quantity Control System X-Axis Travel(Max DIA) Y-Axis Travel z-Axis Travel(Max Length)
Carl Ziess CMM CMM 1X Contura G2 700 1000 600
Tesa Micro-Hite 600 Height Master 1X - 500 - 600
Rapid i VMS VMS 1X PCDMIS 500 600 250


Engineering department

Engineering Department is responsible for CNC programming, configuration management, manufacturing process flow drawings, design of Fixtures, release of specifications and standards, Tool data sheets and internal WO to support production and QC Dept.

Quality assurance department

Quality assurance department create Balloon drawings, quality control plan, specify measuring instruments and gauges, carry out PFMEA, and compile incoming raw materials, in- process and final inspection reports.


  • Stores undertake material procurement and inventory management of materials
  • Aerospace and Defense grade raw materials sourced only from customer approved sources with COC/mill TC
  • Traceability is Maintained as per AS 9100 requirements
  • Suspected material are quarantined with proper record
  • Project wise consumption records maintained
  • GRN is maintained for all raw material
  • Martial issued as per WO
  • If the material is locally sauced as per customer recommendation, the sample testing is done in NABL approved laboratory